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Educational Cooking Toys

Educational Cooking Toys

Educational Cooking Toys

Do you have a young child you would like to teach Cooking skills, yet feel the child is too young? Perhaps you could benefit from the latest mastermind toys that help your child learn cooking skills. Make it fun and start out with the ice cream makers. Nothing better than a cold dish of ice cream on a hot, sunny day. In fact, ice cream has ingredients proven to help us stay healthy and even lose or control weight.

The ice cream makers are a blue play toy that teaches children eight-years-old and up how to make ice cream while having a ball. The blue ball is fun and it is easy to learn. The toy actually allows your child to make ice cream. You will need to supply ingredients. Your child will need sugar, cream and a bit of ice to create home-produced ice cream. It takes around 15 or more minutes to create a delicious dish. What fun your child will have while building his or her skills through a learning process? Your child receives recipes to help him or her create a pint of delicious mouth-watering ice cream.

How does the machines or ball work?
The child adds ice to the proper chamber and then adds some “rock salt.” Once the salt is placed at the end of the ball, the ingredients are adding to the other end. The child can enjoy playing with the ball. Roll the ball for the time it takes for the ice cream to form and bam, your child has a pint of delicious ice cream. You can take the ice cream maker to parties, camping adventures, beach, and picnics or anywhere you choose.

How large is this ball?
It is 7-inches in diameters. The ball comes in a variety of colors also. If your child prefers pink fluoresce the balls are available.

How much do these educational toys cost?
You can find deals online. Look for coupons, discounts, bargains and close outs. For the most part the toys cost a little over $30 in some areas. You may want to look around department stores also to find deals. This will help you save on shipping and handling.

How do the toys flavor the ice cream?
Flavoring is available for less than $4 online. You will find fudge, strawberry and other flavors on the Internet. The flavoring is neither a topping nor syrup. It is a fountain flavor. The flavors come straight from the manufacturers of ice cream. This means your child unveils the secret behind making ice cream that is sold in stores. Your child can make ice creams of all sorts. No matter what flavor your child desires you can use the ball to make his or her dish. The ball will make shakes, ice cream and tasty drinks nutritional for your child. The ball makes smoothies also. If your child does not feel like making ice cream or shakes with the ball, the flavors work well in blenders also. The flavors online make up to three quarts of tasty ice cream, or you can make shakes that will serve ten people.

How does this toy benefit my child’s development & Cooking?
The toy teaches your child how to make ice cream, teaching the child independency. Instead of relying on you, your child will learn how to make his or her own ice cream. The toy just may inspire your child to feel a need to learn more about cooking. Through in an educational bake oven and by the time your child is 10, she or he may be cooking their own meals.


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