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Educational Toys for your Child

When it comes to your children, you want the best for them.
In a sense, you want them to start to learn as soon as possible, learning the good things in life as well as the bad things. So why not teach them how to play with baby dolls that can guide them to learning human behaviors, including languages.

Dolls that can talk in different languages and teach them many things can help them to interact well with cultures, race and others that surround them each day.

What are some of the dolls that can teach your children?
These dolls that can teach your children many things are called teach-a-tot boy and girl. The dolls are for the ages of eighteen months to thirty-six months. Each doll has something to offer your child. Pattie, Lizzie and others have seven points that your child can press that will catch their eyes. The toys produce huge stars of shades of yellow that appear on the shoes.

Pattie talks, she says things like I can blow my nose. This teaches your child that it is ok to blow his or her nose. It is natural. What a great idea, since many children today fear the notion of expressing humane qualities. Lizzie and Pattie will tell your child when she has to go potty also. This helps your child to notice when bodily functions are at work, and helps them by encouraging potty training.

“I can brush my hair,” says Liz and Pat. The dolls will also tell your child that she can brush her teeth. What a great way to help your child learn personal hygiene.

Liz and Pat are small figurines that have friendly smiles that light up your child’s face. The soft, weighted material is easy for your child to lift and carry, as she likes.

Pat and Liz have removable garments, which teaches your child the importance and methods in dressing. Liz and Pat also have huge buttons that attach her shirt, which teaches your child how to unbutton and button attire. Pat’s and Liz have shoes that your child can tie or untie, teaching them basic human skills. Your child will learn to zip, tie, dress, brush hair and more while playing with Liz and Pat. The dolls come complete with tissue, clothing, toothbrush, comb and more.

Boys look out Pat and Liz has a counterpart:
They have some dolls that will help to teach your children different languages as well as teach them things like tying shoes, unbutton, and button clothes. The child learns basic skills as well as new languages. The dolls speak French, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian as well as English. These dolls are called Lizzie dolls and they talk in many languages as they teach your child basic skills.

Aside from dolls you will find other toys online that teach your child basic human skills, which they develop as they practice with the toys. Some of the latest inventions include board games, videos, DVD, CD, building toys and more. Whatever your child desires or mostly what your child needs to develop you will find a wide array of toys online.

Children have advantages these days, since now they can get ahead of technology. While technology is constantly building new learning tools, children who start learning now gets ahead since they prepare for the next arrival.

Technology has also designed toys for all ages, including baby toys, toddlers and preschoolers. It is nice knowing that your child can learn healthy skills with toys instead of knowing they learn about violence and other unhealthy skills in the world.


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