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Educational Toys Technology Designed

Technology has designed some amazing educational toys. On the Internet, you will find a wide array of toys that help your child develop new skills. The toys benefit parents and child, since it teaches them interaction skills, socialization, reading, writing, art, electronics, motor skills, hand and eye coordination, and more. Sit back and let technology take your child away from unruly activities that lead to nowhere but trouble. Today’s games have promoted unruly behaviors that are leading children down a destructive path. Television and media promote unhealthy actions in many instances, thus technology had to work hard to guide our children back down the road to developing healthy, nature and useful skills.

Videos are available to help your child learn. Videos today include children’s favorite Dora the lovely Explorer who takes your child along the maps through many adventures. Dora is available in audio/video. Dora takes your child on a journey with its digital structure through episodes of fun, including an adventure with the 3 favorite pigs, lost and the found, and through Nickelodeon’s parental guides.

Your child will love episodes of the map that losses the huge bird from his goofy blunders. The bird has to gather his stick and fly around the map to find his nesting place that the Mountain’s tallest point. Dora works along with Boots to find their way around the map, yet your friends need your help to draw a map that helps to rescue the bird. Using a Super, Duper Map Dora and her friend, Boots scurry along the trails heading back down from the mountaintop unwittingly knowing that a surprise awaits them at home. The funny Map character uses his magical cape and becomes Dora, Boots and your super, duper hero. Using his cape he flies above the majestic sky helping the friends find their way as he moves obstacles along the way with his super strengths and breathing tactics. What a great way to help your child learn how to find his or her way in life.

Get the blues from the clues as your child journeys onto school carrying on through loads of fun episodes to discover numbers. Your baby will enjoy the blues while he or she learns their math and alphabets. Travel along with Periwinkle and friends to learn how to discover new clues that helps your child solve problems, words and more. Your child will have hours of loaded fun as he or she travels down the road to school with Periwinkle and friends. Watch as Periwinkle works through his nervousness, using his friends Joe and Blue to pick him up. Reliance of others is something we all need sometimes which Periwinkle and friends teaches your child that it is ok to ask others for help. Your child will learn areas of school that interest him, as well as learn new strategies to help your child get through the hard times while learning. Using numbers the video will help your child learn favorites, as well as how to discover new favorites.

Pirates and music somehow goes hand-in-hand. Let Dora take your child on the Pirates adventures through musical environments where your child will expect loads of fun. Preschoolers will enjoy Dora as she moves along with Diego and her friend Boots enjoying the stars. Let your child learn about animals and nature as they enjoy the little tot jaguar who sings them a song. Pirates look out, since the pigs are out to steal your treasure chests. Get your chance to work along with Dora and friends so they can bring honesty and justice back to its place. Teach your child with Dora how to develop skills that bring them rewards in life.


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